22 Apr 2019

Sri Lanka suspects international terror link to Easter Sunday atrocities

On Easter Sunday, at least 290 people were killed and over 500 wounded in 8 explosions in churches and hotels in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. At least some of the attacks were suicide bombings. The government admitted that it received various warnings days before the attacks took

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14 Feb 2019

Iran struggling to contain Sunni extremists: Suicide Bombing Kills 27 Revolutionary Guards

At least 27 Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps members were killed after a suicide attack on a bus carrying the troops home from a border mission, according to Iranian news sources and official statements. The Guards Corps have blamed the U.S. for the attack, mentioning the suspicious timing of the attack

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27 Nov 2018

Militants, Police Killed In Failed Attack On Chinese Consulate In Karachi

While no Chinese nationals were harmed, a suicide attack against the Chinese consulate in Pakistan’s Karachi last Friday likely indicates a growing resentment against their growing presence in the country. Pakistan is seeking a multi-billion dollar loan package from the country and this attack, plus another on the same day

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01 Nov 2018

Russian suicide bomb kills one and injures three in FSB offices

A 17-year-old male carried out a suicide bombing in an FSB office in Northern Russia. The FSB is the successor agency to the Soviet KGB and is responsible for security, border protection, counterterrorism, and counter-intelligence. The attack is unusual as it did not take place in the North Caucuses region

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22 Oct 2018

The role of women in West Africa’s violent extremist groups

A recent publication from the Institute for Security Studies has examined the role that women have played in West Africa’s violent extremist groups. Ranging from their abduction and use as a tool to entice men to join extremist ranks to willing participators in activities from operations and suicide attacks, their

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12 Oct 2018

Indictment Reveals ISIS-Backed Plans for Attacks in Kosovo, Belgium, and France

In a police statement, one of six ISIS-linked Kosovo nationals indicted for terrorism in the country described plans for attacks within Kosovo, Belgium, and France, plans that included suicide drones and automatic weapons. Targets included an Orthodox Church, a nightclub, and the Israeli football team during a match. Aspects of

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28 Sep 2018

Dutch police arrest 7 men suspected of plotting major terrorist attack

Dutch police arrested seven men for plotting a large terrorist attack. The men, ages 21-34, were arrested in a Dutch town near the Belgian and German borders and were allegedly planning to carry out an attack using explosive vests, assault rifles, and a car bomb. Police have indicated that the

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25 Jul 2018

Pakistan election: Suicide blasts and violence erupts as voters head to the polls

Pakistan is electing candidates at the polls today, as explosions and clashes break out across the country. The long-awaited election has been marred by pre-election violence and terrorist attacks that have claimed hundreds of lives, as well as fears of electoral manipulation by incumbents and the military. The largest attack

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16 Jul 2018

Election tension continue to mount as suicide bomber kills 128 at rally

Tensions in Pakistan continue to climb ahead of its elections on July 25. On Friday, a suicide attack claimed a current total of 128 lives, with the Islamic State claiming responsibility. The attack also killed a provincial assembly candidate, the second electoral candidate killed during the week. On the same

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31 Mar 2010

New suicide blasts kill 12 in southern Russia

“Two suicide bombers including one impersonating a police officer killed 12 people in southern Russia on Wednesday, two days after deadly suicide bombings blamed on the region’s militants tore through the Moscow subway system. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Wednesday’s blasts in the province of Dagestan – which involved one

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