14 Apr 2022

Global Computer Chip Supply Chain Disruptions – An Update

Based on the insights garnered from our November 2021 Stratigame on the Global Computer Chip Supply Chain Disruption, the following are some of the recent developments up and down the global semiconductor manufacturing supply chain and value chain.

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14 Mar 2022

Open-Source Intelligence Resources: The USGS 2022 List of Critical Minerals

Moody’s Analytics economist Tim Uy wrote in a recent report:  “The greatest risk facing global supply chains has shifted from the pandemic to the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the geopolitical and economic uncertainties it has created.”  Our recent “Warning for the U.S. Chip Industry: Russian Retaliation Could Hit Supply of Key Materials” provided a breakdown of the Russian and Ukraine-source material critical to the semiconductor manufacturing process (Neon, Palladium, etc.). In February, The US Geological Survey released the 2022 List of Critical Minerals. Palladium and Scandium are included in the USGS list.

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15 Feb 2022

A Warning for the U.S. Chip Industry: Russian Retaliation Could Hit Supply of Key Materials

Russia may retaliate against the U.S. threat of trade sanctions and export curbs by blocking access to key materials like neon and palladium. Ukraine supplies over 90% of U.S. semiconductor-grade neon. This type of supply chain-based retaliation has become a priority concern for the White House, which is encouraging a broad diversification of the supply chain in the event Russia limits access to these key materials.

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10 Feb 2022

In 2022, the Strategic Impact of Global Intermodal Supply Chain Gridlock on IT Supply Chain Remains High

The OODA Loop Research Team has been tracking the impact on supply chains from the onset of the pandemic.

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21 Jan 2022

Intel Reveals Plans for Massive New Ohio Factory, Fighting the Chip Shortage Stateside

As part of an effort to regain its position as a leading maker of semiconductors amidst a global chip shortage, Intel is committing $20 billion to build a manufacturing mega-site in New Albany, on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, the company exclusively confirmed to TIME. The chipmaker says it will build

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05 Jan 2022

The ASML Holding’s Factory Fire and Specialized Manufacturing Equipment for Semiconductor Production

The OODA Loop News Brief Team surfaced a story earlier today – “Fire at vital tech factory could worsen global computer chip shortage” – which we thought was important enough to provide further in-depth analysis. A very specific insight from our recent OODA Network Stratigame – “Global Computer Chip Supply Chain Disruption” – was the role the foreign production of Specialized Manufacturing Equipment (SME) would play in the health of the computer chip supply chain for the U.S. Add the recent fire at the plant in Berlin, Germany owned by ASML Holding to our list of variables that could tack the global chip supply chain disruption into a worst-case scenario, sooner rather than later. 

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03 Dec 2021

Commerce Secretary Raimondo Urges Passage of CHIPs Act, Praises Samsung $17B Fab and Updates on Agency’s Chip Policy

Gina M. Raimondo, U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary, recently urged Congress to pass the CHIPs Act, which she argues will enhance U.S. competitiveness, strengthen national defense and create high wage, high skilled jobs. A recent presentation in Detroit by the Commerce Secretary, “Investing in American Manufacturing and Closing the Innovation Divide,” was designed for auto industry executives hit hard by the semiconductor shortage that is only getting worse. Recent policies are further positive signs that the chip shortage and the need to strategically increase domestic chip production are being taken seriously by the Commerce Secretary and her org chart at the agency.

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18 Nov 2021

Ford Motor Company Commits to Chip Collaboration with GlobalFoundries, Including Expansion of Manufacturing

A strategic partnership was announced today between Ford and giant semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries Inc (GF), which “opens the door” in the short term for more chips to be produced for Ford by the industry-leading semiconductor foundry and to explore expanded semiconductor manufacturing opportunities to support the automotive industry. This partnership comes at a time when there seems to be no end in sight for the current chip shortages.

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25 Oct 2021

Brain-inspired, Light-enabled, Circuit-fueled: Neuromorphic Computing Innovation, Intel’s Chip Platform and Open-Source Developer Ecosystem

Innovation in “semiconductor computational capability, resources and size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP)” is the centerpiece of the five-year, $1.5 billion DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative and the $52 billion 2021 CHIPS Act.

Computing architectures drawing inspiration from biological neural systems have been considered for decades. Here is the latest on neuromorphic computing and how the technology fits into the innovation economy.

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12 Oct 2021

Building Resilient Supply Chains and Semiconductor Manufacturing

In February 2021, The White House issued an Executive Order on securing America’s supply chains, calling for “an immediate 100-day review across federal agencies to address vulnerabilities in the supply chains of semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging.

The final review was delivered in June of 2021. The final report is an exhaustive 250-page document, of which 60 pages are dedicated to a semiconductor and advanced packaging supply chain risk assessment, along with sections on opportunities and challenges ahead, concluding with recommendations.

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