19 Sep 2022

What The National Academies Believe Regarding The Future of Encryption

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently completed a study at the request of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence focused on Encryption and the future of encryption given advances in technology. The academies brought together experts for a detailed study aimed at identifying potential scenarios of critical interest.

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31 Mar 2022

The March 2022 OODA Network Member Meeting: Core Themes Emerge from Five Scenarios for War’s End

To help members optimize opportunities and reduce risk, OODA hosts a monthly video call to discuss items of common interest to our membership. These highly collaborative sessions are always a great way for our members to meet and interact with each other while talking about topics like global risks, emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and current or future events impacting their organizations. We also use these sessions to help better focus our research and better understand member needs.

The March call was held on Friday, March 18th, and was organized around five scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine.  

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02 Mar 2022

The 2022 Russian Invasion and Ukraine Defence: A Black Day Scenario

A ‘Black Day’ in European military culture is historically associated with a day on which the Army suffers its worse number of casualties. In the war so far, public information at the time of this analysis has identified that Russian military losses have been substantial.  Substantial losses during an invasion are to be expected: defenders classically have the advantage of setting up continuous killing grounds that an advancing force is compelled to cross. The defender is then forced to shift from maintaining a border to different modes of operations. OODA Loop Network Member Chris Flaherty provides an expert analysis.

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23 Nov 2021

John Robb on the Early Internet, Frameworks to Drive Decision Making, Network Tribalism and Emerging Threats (1 of 2)

In June of 2020 and again in October 2021, Matt Devost spoke to former Air Force pilot John Robb. John has worked successfully in a variety of domains, including the special operations community, as an industry analyst, successful start-up founder, and national security expert. This conversation cover topics such as the early history of the commercial internet, frameworks for organizing information in fast-moving environments, network tribalism, decision-making during the pandemic, and the emerging threat environment.

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07 Oct 2021

China’s Formal Bid for Global Dominance of the Semiconductor Supply Chain

What is the future of the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain?

According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), China has a strategic framework for building a competitive advantage in the semiconductor industry. Implementation measures have also been announced by the Chines government that “encourage U.S. and foreign semiconductor companies to transfer certain technology, intellectual property (IP), talent, and research and development (R&D) to operations in China.”

What does this mean? And what are the implications for your business or organization?

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