29 Aug 2022

Privacy Activists Target Google Over French ‘Spam’ Emails

A group of French activists issued a complaint to regulators on Wednesday, alleging that Google is breaking EU law by sending Gmail users direct advertising messages. This is the latest complaint in a long series filed by None of Your Business (NYOB), a French activist group battling the tech giant

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13 Jan 2022

Adobe Cloud Abused to Steal Office 365, Gmail Credentials

Researchers from Avanan, a Check Point company, discovered an ongoing campaign in which threat actors are creating accounts within Adobe Cloud suite and sending images of illegitimate PDFs to target Gmail and Office 365 users. The campaign was uncovered in December. The PDF links and other malicious email attachments lead

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26 May 2020

Russian cyberspies use Gmail to control updated ComRAT malware

A new version of the ComRAT backdoor has been found by security researchers at ESET. The backdoor is controlled through the Gmail web interface and was discovered when the state-sponsored Russian hacker group Turla began using it to harvest data and steal information in attacks targeting governmental institutions. Other common

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20 Apr 2020

COVID-Themed Phishing Messages Fill Phishing Filters on Gmail

Google has stated that nearly a fifth of all phishing email messages that have been identified on its Gmail platform feature COVID-19 as part of their content, using the pandemic to lure victims into malicious links and attachments. The giant stated that last week, they saw roughly 18 million email

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06 Feb 2019

Cybercriminals Exploit Gmail Feature to Scale Up Attacks

According to new research by Agari, threat actors are currently taking advantage of a Gmail feature in a variety of scams, such as BEC scams, filing phony tax returns, submitting fraudulent applications for unemployment benefits and filing requests for other forms of government assistance, like FEMA disaster aid. The exploited

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21 Sep 2018

Foreign government hackers target US senators, aides’ Gmail

Google and the U.S. Senate have announced that the Gmail accounts of U.S. Senators’ and their aides are being “targeted by foreign government hackers.” While no information has been given regarding the political entity behind the attempts or whether specific political parties or staffers have been especially targeted, the attempts

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