28 Aug 2018

Ebola treatment challenged by DR Congo rebel activity

“Rebel activity round a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo is complicating the battle against Ebola, the World Health Organization says. The WHO’s Peter Salama spoke of ‘extremely serious security concerns’ round the eastern town of Oicha. It is encircled by a feared Ugandan Islamist militia, the Allied Democratic

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22 Aug 2018

WHO: 13 health workers infected in DRC Ebola outbreak

“The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC’s) North Kivu district continues to grow, amid new healthcare worker infections and concerns that regional violence is making surveillance and detection challenging for international aid workers. According to an update released late yesterday by the DRC’s healthy ministry, Ebola

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02 Aug 2018

New Ebola outbreak declared in Congo

The WHO announced the arrival of its team in Beni, an Eastern province of the DRC bordering Rwanda and Uganda, where a new Ebola outbreak has been declared.  Source: WHO says Ebola team arrives in Congo

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18 Jul 2018

Congo Ebola Outbreak Expected to End Next Week

The WHO has set its projected termination date of the DRC’s ebola outbreak at July 24th, 42 days since the last patient infected with ebola was released from care. Since the start of the outbreak in April 4th, there were 38 confirmed cases and 29 deaths. This outbreak was the

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13 Jun 2018

Improved Ebola tests help contain Africa’s latest outbreak

Improvements in the Ebola testing capabilities of the international community has helped to contain the most recent Ebola outbreak in the DRC. The tests have reduced the wait time for tests from several days to a number of hours.  Source: Speedy Ebola tests help contain Africa’s latest outbreak

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07 Jun 2018

An Update on the DRC Ebola Outbreak

An Ebola outbreak was declared at the beginning of May in the Northwest of the DRC. Since then, 55 cases have been reported, with 25 fatalities. Over 1000 have been vaccinated as authorities and health workers try to prevent the disease’s spread. Of particular concern was its spread to Mbandaka,

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