24 Jun 2021

30M Dell Devices at Risk for Remote BIOS Attacks, RCE

A faulty update mechanism has left an estimated 30 million individual Dell endpoints worldwide, according to an analysis by Eclypsium. Dell is currently facing four separate security bugs that would give attackers almost complete control and persistence over targeted devices by allowing remote adversaries to gain arbitrary code execution in

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04 May 2021

Patch issued to tackle critical security issues present in Dell driver software since 2009

On Tuesday, SentinelLabs reported that a researcher on their team had discovered 5 serious vulnerabilities in Dell’s DBUtil BIOS driver. This technology is used in Dell’s desktop and laptop PCs, notebooks, and tablet products, therefore affecting a wide range of Dell’s offerings. The team reported that the flaws have existed

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22 Dec 2020

Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell join legal battle against hacking company NSO

On Monday, tech giants Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and Google entered into a legal battle against hacking organization NSO. Facebook had already been battling the organization in court for a year and has now been backed by two industry leaders. The tech companies filed a brief in federal court alleging that

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09 Dec 2019

Chinese government to replace foreign hardware and software within three years

In a government directive issued to public institutions earlier this spring, Beijing officials have ordered the government offices and public institutions of China to replace foreign hardware and software with alternatives constructed in China within the next three years. The directive is known as 3-5-2, based on the percentage targets

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21 Jun 2019

Millions of Dell PCs Vulnerable to Attack: Patch Now

A new report by SafeBreach warns that millions of Dell computers are at risk of being remotely compromised by threat actors due to a critical vulnerability in SupportAssist, a hardware-diagnostics tool that comes preinstalled on all Dell machines. The flaw affects a SupportAssist component made by PC-Doctor. As many as 100

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