14 Oct 2020

Lemon Duck Cryptocurrency-Mining Botnet Activity Spikes

Researchers have been monitoring a spike in the cryptocurrency mining botnet Lemon Duck, occurring since this August. The Lemon Duck botnet is a complex mining botnet that has the capability to tap into victims’ computer resources and mine the Monero virtual currency. Researchers warn that although the botnet has been

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09 Oct 2020

US unveils enforcement framework to combat terrorist, criminal cryptocurrency activities

The US has created a framework for how criminal usage of blockchain technology should be dealt with on behalf of the government. Although the possibilities of blockchain are considered to be some of the best recent technological developments, the dark side of this is that cybercriminals often rely on them

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10 Sep 2020

IRS Wants to Be Able to Trace ‘Untraceable’ Digital Currencies

The Treasury Department reportedly is investigating potential ways to trace currency that is known as untraceable, seeking to expand its visibility into cryptocurrency transactions. These transactions enable anonymity and allow for more privacy between the parties involved than most other blockchain-based exchanges. Cryptocurrency is transmitted virtually through a decentralized digital

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31 Aug 2020

DoJ Aims to Seize 280 Cryptocurrency Accounts Used by Hackers

The Department of Justice is allegedly looking to seize 280 illegal cryptocurrency accounts that may have been used by North Korean government-backed hackers to launder millions in stolen funds through a Chinese network. The DoJ filed a civil forfeiture complaint against North Korea on Thursday, signifying the first move of

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26 Aug 2020

Lazarus Group Targets Cryptocurrency Firms Via LinkedIn Messages

Lazarus Group, a North Korean-based APT, has been targeting the cryptocurrency industry through sophisticated phishing messages over LinkedIn. The nation-state threat operator has allegedly been conducting a widespread phishing campaign that targets a variety of businesses worldwide and appears to be financially motivated. The attackers are attempting to leverage the

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17 Aug 2020

US Disrupts Three Cyber-Enabled Terror Campaigns

The US government has reportedly dismantled several cyber-enabled terrorist financing campaigns, resulting in its largest ever seizure of cryptocurrency associated with terrorism. The US took down sites run by Hamas’s military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. The Department of Justice announced the successful intervention yesterday in a statement

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14 Aug 2020

ISIS Allegedly Ran a Covid-19 PPE Scam Site

According to the US Department of Justice, ISIS created a fraudulent site claiming to sell PPE in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent protective equipment shortages. Today, the Justice Department released a series of civil and criminal complaints that detail the site’s operations. The Justice Department released information claiming

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31 Jul 2020

China arrests over 100 people suspected of involvement in PlusToken cryptocurrency scam

China has reportedly arrested over 100 individuals under suspicion that they were involved in the PlusToken cryptocurrency fraud ring. The ring was based in South Korea and advertised as a high-yield investment opportunity for traders who dealt with cryptocurrencies. However, the PlusToken initiative actually created a massive Ponzi scheme in

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21 Jul 2020

Mac Cryptocurrency Traders Targeted by Trojanized Apps

According to security experts, four trojanized cryptocurrency trading apps have been distributing malware that targets cryptocurrency wallets and collects data from Mac users’ browsing habits. Mac users are the primary victim of the malicious apps, which drain victims’ cryptocurrency wallets after download. The fake applications are called Cointrazer, Cupatrade, Licatrade,

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20 Jul 2020

Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Hacked

A recent cyberattack that targeted verified users on Twitter is still being investigated by the platform. However, the social media giant has confirmed that a total of 130 accounts were compromised as part of a cryptocurrency campaign attempting to scam victims out of bitcoin. The major cybersecurity incident occurred two

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