02 Dec 2021

Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean is at its highest point in two decades, UN says

According to a recent UN report, tens of millions are suffering from food shortages and hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean as the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies a regional malnutrition crisis to its worst levels in decades. In just one year, the number of people living with hunger in the

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16 Aug 2021

Haiti Earthquake Death Toll Climbs to 1,297 as Storm Nears

In Haiti, at least 1,297 people are known to have died as a result of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Saturday. An unknown number of individuals remain missing. Rescue workers are rushing to locate survivors of the earthquake as a tropical storm makes its way towards the nation.

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07 Jan 2019

China boosting economic, athletic ties with Jamaica

China is boosting economic and relationship-building investments with the Caribbean island of Jamaica, according to the counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Chinese Embassy. “The investments keep growing each month. The two-way trade has more than surpassed what it was in 2017. International development cooperation has reached a

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18 Dec 2018

Russia will struggle to use its Caribbean bomber base to threaten America

Russia’s movement of nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela generated a media buzz that included new fears of homeland vulnerability and frustration over Russian aggression and escalation. Aside from irritating the U.S., however, the deployment does not strengthen Russia’s position. The Russian Tu-160 bomber is can be easily intercepted by fourth generation

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28 Nov 2018

Defense Officials Warn of China and Russia Tampering in Caribbean

As the U.S. sends hospital ships and doctors to aid refugees from Venezuela, SecDef Mattis and outgoing Admiral Kurt Tidd has warned of China and Russia’s different response in the hemisphere. Tidd emphasized that “China is doing everything in its power to entice nations in this hemisphere to put on

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