11 Feb 2019

Here’s how Russia could still sabotage Macedonia’s plans to join NATO

Nearly thirty years after the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, many countries caught up in Russia’s regional influence are still struggling to “pick a side.” In North Macedonia (until recently, just “Macedonia”), politicians have been working towards NATO membership for many years, an effort

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13 Dec 2018

U.S. Diplomat To Press European, Balkan Allies On ‘Russia’s Aggression’

“A senior U.S. diplomat is traveling to Central Europe and the Western Balkans to shore up support against what the State Department calls ‘Russia’s aggression on the region.’ In Bratislava, Sullivan will ‘urge senior Slovak officials to use their upcoming chairpersonship of the OSCE to strengthen the organization’s response to

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18 Sep 2018

In the Balkans, Russia and the West Fight a Disinformation-Age Battle

Ahead of an regionally-important Macedonian election that could move the country towards NATO membership, Russia has launched a massive disinformation campaign to incite unrest, encourage fears, and reduce voter turnout. America and the EU have made efforts to counter this campaign, with U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and several

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31 Aug 2018

Kosovo premier warns border change with Serbia ‘would mean war’

“Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj has warned that any land swap with Serbia ‘would mean war’ and called on world leaders to swiftly quash an idea that he believes only boosts Russian efforts to destabilise the Balkans. Mr Haradinaj acknowledged that his stance puts him on a collision course with

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26 Jun 2018

EU divided over enlargement

With the longstanding name disagreement between Macedonia and Greece recently settled, European Union plans for expansion are under increased scrutiny. France’s Macron has strongly stated that France would not support EU enlargement until the existing union is reformed and improved, a position supported by the Netherlands, Denmark, and many European

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13 Jun 2018

New Country Name in the Balkans: Republic of North Macedonia

Ending a long-standing feud that was one of the only problems standing between Macedonia and progress in NATO candidacy, EU accessions, and regional relations, Greece and Macedonia have resolved their name dispute that has been ongoing since 1991. Reflecting Greece’s claim to part of the Macedonian region, Macedonia’s new name

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