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U.S. Diplomat To Press European, Balkan Allies On ‘Russia’s Aggression’

“A senior U.S. diplomat is traveling to Central Europe and the Western Balkans to shore up support against what the State Department calls ‘Russia’s aggression on the region.’ In Bratislava, Sullivan will ‘urge senior Slovak officials to use their upcoming chairpersonship of the OSCE to strengthen the organization’s response to Russia’s aggression in Europe,’ the State Department said in a statement.” This has echoed what other high-level officials in Europe continue to argue: that Russia is exerting economic and political pressure through the media, energy trade, and other means to damage the countries’ ties with the EU and to counter popular support for European integration. Further destabilization of the region supports these Russian efforts, and the region may fall further into crisis through escalations surrounding the Greece/Macadonia name spat, ongoing Serbia/Kosovo tensions, and other issues that have prevented progress towards political stabilization and economic growth. 

Source: U.S. Diplomat To Press European, Balkan Allies On ‘Russia’s Aggression’

OODA Analyst

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