06 Oct 2022

Retailer Easylife Fined £1.5m for Data Protection Breaches

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stated last week that a UK catalog retailer has been hit with a £1.5m fine issued by the information regulator. According to the ICO, the company Easylife breached data protection and marketing laws when it shared the personal information of its customers. In addition, the

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03 Feb 2022

Online Ad Association Fined for Privacy Violation

An association for online advertising companies, IAB Europe, was found to be in violation of European Union data laws, and fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. The association allegedly developed an ad-targeting tool that violated privacy laws and lead to a loss of control over citizen’s personal data. The Belgian

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27 Jan 2022

How marketing and advertising is shaping the metaverse

While not new, the “metaverse” recently got a big boost from Facebook, now known as Meta, which is pouring $10 billion into its ambitions there. Other big tech companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft are working on their versions of the concept. The vague term refers to a variety of shared

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08 Jun 2021

French Antitrust Regulator Slaps $268 Million Fine on Google

Google has been fined a total of $268 million by the French antitrust regulator for abusing its dominant position in the online advertising market, according to media sources. The find has not been disputed by Google and was enacted due to the tech giant favoring its own Google Ad Manager

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