07 Mar 2011

Cyber attack hit French Finance Ministry, government says

“The French finance ministry came under a large-scale cyber attack in December that targeted G20 documents, France’s Budget Minister Francois Baroin told French radio on Monday. Baroin told Europe 1 an investigation was underway and that there were unconfirmed leads. ‘It seems what was targeted was the organization of the

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04 Mar 2011

Cyberattack in South Korea Hits 40 Web Sites

” Forty Web sites in South Korea came under attack by a computer virus on Friday, including the presidential Blue House, the Foreign Ministry, the country’s biggest bank, the two largest search engines, a major online auction house and some American and Korean military sites. It was not immediately clear

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04 Mar 2011

WordPress blog service down: Huge DDoS attack

“The WordPress.com blogging service has been hit by an ‘extremely large’ distributed denial of service attack. Many high-profile blogs were crippled or just plain unavailable for large parts of Thursday. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers speculate about political motivation.” Source: WordPress blog service down: Huge DDoS attack – Computerworld Blogs

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01 Mar 2011

Morgan Stanley hit by same attackers that breached Google

“Morgan Stanley was hit by a ‘very sensitive’ breach to its network by the same attackers who penetrated computer systems maintained by Google and dozens of other companies, according to leaked emails reviewed by Bloomberg News. The emails came from California-based HBGary, which suffered a major compromise of its own

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27 Feb 2011

Exxon, Shell, BP outed as mystery hack attack victims

“Bloomberg News has identified six of the energy companies targeted in recent series of ‘coordinated covert and targeted cyberattacks’ and says the victims could face legal liability for choosing not to disclose them to shareholders. The roster includes Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Marathon Oil, ConocoPhillips, and Baker Hughes,

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17 Feb 2011

China hackers behind cyber attack: report

“China-based hackers have launched an unprecedented cyber-attack on the Canadian government, penetrating the computer systems of two key agencies and forcing them offline, CBC reported. Asked about the report, the Treasury Board issued a brief statement recognizing it had detected an ‘unauthorized attempt to access its networks,’ but did not

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01 Feb 2011

London Stock Exchange ‘under major cyberattack’ during Linux switch

“The London Stock Exchange’s new open source trading system may have been hacked last year, according to a report. The alleged attack came as the LSE began the switch over to the Linux-based systems, according to the dates referred to in the Times newspaper.” Source: London Stock Exchange ‘under major

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17 Dec 2010

U.S. code-cracking agency works as if compromised

“The U.S. government’s main code-making and code-cracking agency now works on the assumption that foes may have pierced even the most sensitive national security computer networks under its guard. ‘There’s no such thing as ‘secure’ any more,’ Debora Plunkett of the National Security Agency said on Thursday amid U.S. anger

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08 Dec 2010

‘Cyber-attack’ hits Mastercard site

“Credit card company Mastercard’s website is currently unavailable due to an apparent hacking campaign organised in response to the company’s refusal to handle donations to the WikiLeaks website. The attack, called ‘operation: payback’ has apparently been organised by internet freedom of speech activists, calling themselves ‘Anonymous’. Mastercard announced on Monday

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06 Dec 2010

Diplomats fear that China used Microsoft source code for cyber warfare

“One of the latest batch of leaked US embassy cables suggest that China is abusing its access to Microsoft source code by using the information to carry out cyber warfare. The latest cable released by Wikileaks, and uncovered by The Guardian, suggests that the Chinese government is using licensed access

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