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‘Collection #1’ Data Dump Hacker Identified

Security researchers with Recorded Future are claiming that a hacker by the monikor “C0rpz” first created and distributed the enormous “Collection #1” database containing about 773 million stolen records, which was discovered on an underground forum on January 17.

While various other hackers have presented themselves as the original creators and sellers of the database, the researchers now attribute the massive data dump to C0rpz with “moderate confidence”. It was discovered last week that Collection #1 is part of a much larger database comprising billions of stolen records, which has been split up into at least seven sets:

  • “ANTIPUBLIC #1” (102.04 GB)
  • “AP MYR & ZABUGOR #2” (19.49 GB)
  • “Collection #1” (87.18 GB)
  • “Collection #2” (528.50 GB)
  • “Collection #3” (37.18 GB)
  • “Collection #4” (178.58 GB)
  • “Collection #5” (40.56 GB)

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