01 Feb 1999

CIA Book of Dirty Tricks

Infamous document that has been circulating on the Internet for decades. CIA Book of Dirty Tricks

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08 Feb 1996

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1996

Although terrorism remains a concern in East Asia, national reconciliation efforts in Cambodia and the Philippines, and successful prosecutions in Japan, have helped reduce the terrorist profile in the region. Continuing defections by Khmer Rouge troops in Cambodia have reduced their numbers considerably, although the Khmer Rouge is still considered

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08 Feb 1991

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1991

Terrorism in 1991 was marked by three major features. First, the number of international terrorist incidents increased 22 percent, from 456 in 1990 to 557 last year. This increase is solely attributable to terrorism associated with the Persian Gulf war. Second, 1991 was the second straight year in which there

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08 Feb 1990

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1990

The continuing decline in the number of international terrorist incidents during 1990 is encouraging. From a peak of 856 in 1988, the number of incidents decreased to 455 in 1990. Even more encouraging are the increasing counterterrorist cooperation among governments and our numerous successes in bringing the rule of law

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08 Feb 1989

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1989

The year 1989 saw a steep decline in the number of terrorist acts committed worldwide-one of the sharpest yearly drops we have recorded since the advent of modern terrorism in 1968. The number of people killed or wounded by terrorists also fell significantly. This is good news. But terrorism remains

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08 Feb 1986

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1986

The level of international terrorist activity remained high in 1986, despite a slight decline in the total number of incidents.’ This halts, at least temporarily, the dramatic upward trend in the number of incidents experienced in the previous two years. In the first part of 1986, terrorism continued to rise,

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08 Feb 1985

Patterns of Global Terrorism 1985

International terrorists had a banner year in 1985.’ They carried out more attacks than in any year since the decade began; caused more casualties-especially fatalities-over that same period (329 alone occurred when an Air India jetliner was blown up in June) ; conducted a host of spectacular, publicity-grabbing events that

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