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First-Ever U.S. Cyber Team Announced to Compete in Athens at the ICC in June 2022

2021 is the first year of the US Cyber Games – part of a global competition that will recognize cyber athletes who can work in competitive environments to successfully operate in cyberspace. The games also offer a way for fans of operational mission champions to watch cyber athletes compete and win in challenging environments and then go on to global games.

The inaugural US Cyber Games™ was created through the support of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). But we are very proud to say the real driving force behind these games is long time friend of OODA and network member Jessica Gulick of Katzcy. It is produced by PlayCyber.

The Coaches

Dr. TJ O’Connor is the Head Coach of the U.S. Cyber Team. Dr. O’Connor is the IoT S&P Lab Director and Cybersecurity Program Chair at Florida Tech. His previous competitions include the NSA Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) and Red Team for SECCDC & NECCDC. Coach O’Connor is a Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, serving as the Communications Officer at the Battalion, Group, Directorate, and Headquarters level for the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Dr. O’Conner is joined by Dr. Dane Brown, the Red vs. Blue Coach for The U.S. Cyber Team. Dr. Brown is an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) where is the Coach of the USNA Cyber Security Team. He is also the Curriculum Committee Chair of the Cyber Science Department at the USNA. Coach Brown’s Cyber Tours include U.S. Cyber Command U.S. Central Command and the U.S. Joint Cyber Center

The coaching staff is rounded out by Jasmine Jackson, the Capture the Flag Coach for the U.S. Cyber Team. Ms. Jackson is a Senior Application Security Engineer at The Walt Disney Studios.  Coach Jackson has taught at Infosec Institute, Drexel University (teaching Mobile Security), Cybrary, and the SANS Institute.

Senior Tech Mentors for the team are Suzanna Schmeelk and Bryson Payne.

On October 5, 2021, the first-ever US Cyber Team™  was announced at the US Cyber Games Draft Day in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Captains

Sam H

Position: Head Captain
Location: Maryland
College: Capitol Technology University

Sears S

Position: Capture the Flag Captain
Location: Ohio
College:  United States Air Force Academy

Sam M

Position: Red v. Blue Captain
Location: Texas
College: University of Houston

The Team

The 50 elite players from the US Cyber Combine Invitational came down to the final 20 athletes who were announced as members of the first U.S. Cyber Team on Draft Day. To meet the team, go to 2021-2022 Athletes | U.S. Cyber Games (


Team Competencies


The Program

The U.S Cyber Games program has been running since April 2021 and consists of the US Cyber Open, the US Cyber Combine Invitational, and US Cyber Draft Day, where the Team of 20 athletes was chosen from the US Cyber Combine with the selection of the first-ever US Cyber Team™ to represent the United States at the inaugural global competition: The 2021 International Cyber Security Challenge (ICSC) held in Athens, Greece in June 2022.    

According to the event founders and organizers:  “Athletes were evaluated based on application, aptitude, interview, effort, attitude, and skill. The final US Cyber Team is purposely diverse, bringing different backgrounds and skills to play key roles on the team.” 

“The US Cyber Games Draft Day provided viewers a look into what these athletes have been doing over the past few months and what they will be undertaking to prepare for the inaugural International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC) taking place in June 2022 in Athens, Greece.” 

Upcoming Events

June 14-17, 2022: International Cybersecurity Competition (ICC) in Athens, Greece

Previous Cyber Games, Events, and Activities

October 5, 2021:  The first-ever US Cyber Team™ Draft Day

May 28, 2021: Virtual Summit Kick-off

May 28–June 11: US Cyber Open CTF (2 weeks)
The first phase of the inaugural US Cyber Games™ was completed. Nearly 700 athletes registered for the US Cyber Open Capture-the-Flag event.

End of June: Invite Top 60 to Cyber Combine

July 9–September 3: US Cyber Combine Invitational (competitions/training/interviews/testing)
The coaching team was introduced and 60 Combine athletes were announced.  Throughout September, the Coaching Team and Advisory Board met to select the Top 20 cyber athletes who will be invited to join the first US Cyber Team.

The Games are sponsored by Leidos, CompTIA, BAE Systems and AWS, Resolvn, Resecurity, and Synack. Partners include Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, U.S. Cyber Range, National Security Agency, National Cyber Security Alliance, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, Information Systems Security Association, ITSP, OODA Loop, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International,  The CyberWire, and Cyberseek.

To learn more about the games, see US Cyber Games.  To reserve your place for Draft Day, go to US Cyber Games Draft.

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Daniel Pereira

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