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What Kleptocratic Support for Cybercriminals Means for Russian Cybersecurity Services

The use of deniable actors is hardly unique to Russia, but the state’s complicity and even outright involvement in organized crime is. OODA’s reports “The Russian Threat” suggests that “Russia should be considered a kleptocracy, where the rule of law exists as long as it supports the objectives of the state and the ruling oligarchs.” The report further notes that because the law is subject to the state’s whims, Putin is able “to act decisively to defend Russian interests and to pursue opportunities he views as enhancing Russian prestige and power abroad.” The coopting of cyber criminals represents just such an example of kleptocracy enabling the Russian state to seize controversial opportunities that would be waylaid by opposition from “checks and balances” in true democracies.

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Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson is an OODA analyst currently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Master of Letters in International Security Studies from the University of St Andrews. His research interests include political psychology, deniable actors, gray area phenomena, and privatized security.