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Mitigating Threats to Commercial Space Satellites

The space domain is transforming into an increasingly contested and congested environment. As we watch companies try to set themselves apart in a crowded field by innovating quickly and cutting down costs, it is imperative that the industry still incorporate security into their space systems. Skipping out on basic security considerations to meet business deadlines will only lead to significant problems down the line. The next generation of satellites are incorporating advances in artificial intelligence (AI), big data, imaging, sensors, and advanced computing in their products. These assets will soon process enormous amounts of information, which will make them prime targets for espionage and criminal activity.

Here are a few of the key threats to consider as we continue to track developments in commercial space activity.

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Cindy Martinez

Cindy Martinez

Cindy Martinez has spent her career focusing on cutting edge and complex issues at the forefront of national security. She served 5 years at the Department of Homeland Security where she advised senior leadership on cybersecurity and emerging technology trends. She also negotiated policies and recommended solutions in order to create new Federal initiatives and evaluate the U.S. Government’s effectiveness in areas such as artificial intelligence, offensive cyber operations, vulnerability disclosure, and the national security space domain. She is an analyst with OODA LLC , which publishes and