Maersk CISO Says NotPeyta Devastated Several Unnamed US firms

Maersk Chief Information Security Officer Andrew Powell stated at Black Hat Europe 2019 that he believes that 600 countries across the globe were damaged by NotPetya around the time of the Maersk attack. He stated that any company doing business in Ukraine at the time of the attack was hit. Maersk lost almost its entire global IT infrastructure in the attack, however, at least two other companies may have suffered even more damage.

At least two companies may have been dealt even more damage than the shipping giant, which lost nearly its entire global IT infrastructure. NotPetya was the key element in a cyberattack campaign targeting the government of Ukraine, but instead hit hundreds of companies, some of which US-based. Efforts to recover from the attack have cost Maersk over $300 million to date, and have cost FedEx and US pharmaceutical giant Merck more than $300 million as well. Powell claimed that Maersk has been one of very few companies that has been completely transparent about the damage inflicted upon the company by the NotPetya malware. 

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