North Korea warns it will meet war with ‘all-out war’

“North Korea reacted to a South Korean anti-submarine exercise early Thursday by saying it would meet ‘confrontation with confrontation’ and war with ‘all-out war,’ according to North Korean state-run media.

‘Now that the puppet group challenged the DPRK [North Korea] formally and blatantly, the DPRK will react to confrontation with confrontation, and to a war with an all-out war,’ according the KCNA news agency.

The news agency referred to South Korean leaders as a ‘group of traitors’ and said they would experience ‘unheard of disastrous consequences’ if they misunderstand North Korea’s will.”

(Source: North Korea warns it will meet war with ‘all-out war’ – CNN.com.)

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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