New York Bomb Attempt Is Part of Shift to Small-Scale Attacks

“The car-bomb attempt in New York’s Times Square is the latest in a series of plots against U.S. targets that counterterrorism experts say may indicate a shift to small-scale strikes that are harder to head off.

Over the past year, on at least eight occasions, people linked to radical Islamic thought attempted or carried out attacks on targets in the U.S. The list includes the failed Christmas Day bombing on a Detroit-bound airliner, the shooting rampage at Ft. Hood in Texas, three bomb plots foiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last September, and a handful of earlier plots broken up last spring and summer.”

Law-enforcement officials and others have also warned in recent months about an uptick in domestic extremist rhetoric and activity, including the arrest in March of nine members of an apocalyptic Christian militia in Michigan.

(Source: New York Bomb Attempt Is Part of Shift to Small-Scale Attacks – WSJ.com.)

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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