Mexico gunmen kidnap at least six in hotel raids

“Armed men have stormed two hotels in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, abducting four guests and as many as three hotel employees, officials say.

Nuevo Leon’s state attorney general said up to 30 gunmen had raided the Holiday Inn and Hotel Mision.

The gunmen abducted three businessmen, a female guest and two receptionists. A hotel security guard is also missing.

The raid follows a surge of violence that has plagued Monterrey, Mexico’s industrial capital, in recent weeks.

Alejandro Garza y Garza, the state attorney general, said organised crime was probably behind the attacks.

‘A lot of what we’re going through right now is part of a readjustment among cartels,’ Mr Garza y Garza told a news conference. “

(Source: BBC News – Mexico gunmen kidnap at least six in hotel raids.)

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