Al-Qaida leader in Yemen threatens new US attacks

“A senior operative of the al-Qaida network in Yemen – the group that claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day attack on an American passenger jet over Detroit – has threatened more attacks on the United States.

The U.S. has become increasingly worried about militants based in Yemen since al-Qaida groups there and in Saudi Arabia merged last year to become al-Qaida in the Arabian. The group has openly targeted U.S. and other Western interests in Yemen, and – as demonstrated by the Dec. 25 attack – abroad.

Qasim al-Raimi, a top military commander for al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, warned Americans in an article published in an online militant magazine that the group ‘will blow up the earth from below your feet.’ “

(Al-Qaida leader in Yemen threatens new US attacks – washingtonpost.com)

OODA Analyst

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