Ukraine’s National Police Exposes Crypto Cybercrime Group Targeting Europeans

The National Police of Ukraine (NPU) successfully took down a network of “call centers” on Tuesday that targeted Ukrainian and European Union citizens who had been victims of crypto scams. The fraudulent call center allegedly offered to help those affected by crypto scams as well as recommending investment packages in crypto, gold, oil, and other securities, according to the NPU official announcement. Ukraine’s national police stated that this group spoofed countries’ national banks and used websites and exchanges to lure in European customers and get their confidential data. According to the NPU’s report, victims were told to pay a commission in order to reclaim any lost funds. Once they paid the fee, however, “communication with the ‘brokers’ was interrupted and payments were not made,” said authorities. The cybercrime group’s computers, phones, and data storage systems were seized and taken, while the call center’s members are being charged with “fraud committed on a particularly large scale or by an organized group.”

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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