Russia is ‘failing’ in its mission to destabilize Ukraine’s networks after a series of thwarted cyber-attacks

Russia is failing in its mission to shake Ukraine’s cyber resilience as the country continues to successfully thwart cyber-attacks from its oppressor. That was the takeaway from WithSecure’s Sphere conference this week, as chief research officer Mikko Hyppönen told attendees that Putin’s regime is “largely failing”. During the event, held in Helsinki, Finland, Mikko shared insight into the conflict between the two countries, which has now been ongoing for more than three months. Since even before its invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, Russia has conducted a series of cyber-attacks against both the country’s internet infrastructure and other critical services in an attempt to destabilize Ukraine. Reports of cyber activity between the two states have dwindled somewhat in recent months, Hyppönen told attendees, but not due to a lack of such attacks. Instead, says Hyppönen, the decrease in media attention is because Ukraine is successfully thwarting Russia’s cyber assaults. After all, he says, the attacks that were not successful rarely make the news. Hyppönen said: “They’ve been trying to do things like this over and over again, so the lack of activity in offensive cyberspace that we’ve seen over the last few months is not because Russia isn’t trying – they are trying – but we aren’t seeing more activity because Ukraine is defending [successfully].

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