Ernst & Young Unveils Supply Chain Manager on Polygon Network

Big Four accounting and consulting firm Ernst & Young has unveiled its blockchain-based supply chain manager that is built for the Polygon network and that is aimed at solving bottlenecks in tracing products as they come to market.
The EY OpsChain Supply Chain Manager, which is now available in a beta version, is the first joint project between Ernst & Young and Ethereum scaling tool Polygon following the start of their collaboration last September. The project is aimed at tackling chokepoints along supply chains combining product traceability with inventory management. Organizations would create tokens to represent assets and inventory, which the OpsChain manager would then track across the supply chain network. Scaling networks like Polygon are designed to lighten the load on base-layer blockchains such as Ethereum, processing transactions on a sidechain to reduce congestion and costs.

Full story : Ernst & Young Unveils Supply Chain Manager on Polygon Network.

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