Russian hackers declare war on 10 countries after failed Eurovision DDoS attack

Russian-linked hackers have claimed to have disrupted the infrastructure of Italy’s State Police anti-cyber crime arm after it thwarted hacking attempts on the Eurovision Song Contest. Hackers from the Killnet group announced in the early hours of Monday morning that claims made by Italian State Police referred to the disruption of cyber attacks over the weekend were false. In the same announcement, Killnet also “declared war” on 10 countries, including the “deceitful police of Italy”, and appeared to mock the authority, claiming Killnet was responsible for the seemingly offline website of the police’s cyber department. The website of Italy’s anti-cyber crime organisation, Cnaipic, was involved in the prevention of Russian-linked hacking attempts on the Eurovision song contest’s voting systems, Italian State Police said, and at the time of writing, its website also appears to be down. Cnaipic assigned officers to work 24 hours a day in a unit dedicated to protecting Eurovision’s infrastructure which was ultimately attacked by the Russian-linked Killnet and Legion hacking groups.

Full story : Killnet hackers announce Russian cyber attacks on 10 countries. 

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