Has Russia Already Lost the Cyberwar With Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has not gone to plan. As sanctions sink their teeth deeper into the Russian economy, and battlefield losses continue to pile up, the Russian leader has found himself with yet another headache, one that just months ago would have seemed absurd. Since the invasion began on February 24, Russia has become the target of a seemingly unrelenting cascade of cyberattacks. While the Russian state and its citizens are no stranger to cybercrime and espionage, the sharp rise in hacks since the Russian Armed Forces began rolling into Ukraine is unprecedented. From Ukrainian state-affiliated intruders, to “hacktivists” such as Anonymous, and even lone wolves, Russian entities have been paying the price for Putin’s invasion. Ukrainian intelligence has released tranches of data that it reports contain names, birthdays, passport numbers, and job titles of Russian troops who had been stationed in Bucha, now infamous for the horrors and devastation Russian troops left in their wake there.

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OODA Analyst

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