Surprising cybersecurity weak points business owners should look out for

Cybersecurity has taken on new levels of importance facing redoubled cyber attacks. The post-pandemic digital landscape is fraught with threats. In fact, these attacks peaked in December of 2021 with a slew of Log4j exploits. The popular Java-based logging utility is only one surprising cybersecurity weak point that business owners should look out for, however. Additionally, flaws in both human cybersecurity measures and protective technology create vulnerabilities for companies. By exploring these weaknesses in-depth, you can create actionable plans to shore up your digital integrity. From increasingly ingenious phishing schemes to breakthroughs in offensive AI, digital threats expose the weakness in our IT frameworks and data systems. Identifying these weaknesses is crucial, as 85% of IT professionals pivot toward passwordless technology. What follows are the cybersecurity vulnerabilities you should address as a business owner.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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