The metaverse is coming, but so are all these security problems

Big tech shows no desire to stop trying to make the metaverse happen, whether we want it or not. Whichever particular version will win out remains to be seen, and when (the arrival of virtual and augmented reality for the masses has been about five years away for about three decades now, after all). But whenever and however it arrives, it’s hard to see how the metaverse will overcome the privacy and security problems that we’ve been trying to deal with in our existing technology for far too long. Chances are it’s going to make them all a lot worse. Never forget that a significant part – probably even the majority – of the modern web is underpinned by surveillance capitalism. That is, being able to observe and analyze us, and gather information on who we are and what we like, is fundamental to the business model of nearly all of the big tech companies. Another problem that isn’t going away: tech companies continue to rush buggy software code out of the door which developers haven’t had time to secure properly because being first to market matters much more than protecting the data and privacy of their customers.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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