Russia threatens ‘grave consequences’ over cyberattacks, blames U.S.

Russia signaled Tuesday that it’s becoming increasingly aggravated by cyberattacks targeting the country, which have come from numerous directions in response to its unprovoked assault on Ukraine. In a statement, reported on by outlets including Reuters and the Russian news agency Tass, Russia’s foreign ministry pledged to uncover the sources of the recent “cyber aggression” and hold those sources responsible. Reuters reported that Russia used the statement to blame the U.S. for leading the campaign, involving hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks per day, against Russia. The cyberattacks have come as Vladimir Putin’s forces continue to attack military, government and civilian targets in Ukraine. The English version of the Tass report quotes the Russian foreign ministry as saying that “no one should have any doubts that the cyber aggression unleashed against Russia will lead to grave consequences for its instigators and perpetrators.” “The sources of the attacks will be detected, the attackers will inevitably bear responsibility for their deeds, in accordance with the requirements of the law,” the foreign ministry statement said, according to Tass.

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OODA Analyst

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