Russia-Ukraine conflict: Overview of risk considerations

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has brought tragic losses of life and destruction across Ukraine, with more than 2 million refugees streaming into neighboring countries in just two weeks. As the heavy bombardment of Ukrainian cities and clashes continue, the rising death toll and unfolding humanitarian disaster are of paramount concern. The crisis is also causing political and economic disruptions across the world, with businesses navigating conflict-related risks to their people, assets, operations, and supply chains in the region and globally. Companies also are seeking legal advice on the possible impact of an evolving sanctions regime on their businesses. In terms of insurance, premium payments or claims transactions may be stopped, or there may be delays, while banks request further information before processing. Marsh is following the conflict, and public and private sector responses to it, closely. Below we provide an overview of several key insurance and risk implications.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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