Eliminating artificial intelligence bias is everyone’s job

With reliance on AI-based decisions and operations growing by the day, it’s important to take a step back and ask if everything that can be done to assure fairness and mitigate bias is being done. There needs to be greater awareness and training behind AI deployments. Not just for developers and data scientists, but also product managers, executives, marketing managers, and merchandisers. That’s the word from John Boezeman, chief technology officer at Acoustic, who shared his insights on the urgency of getting AI right.

Full story : Eliminating artificial intelligence bias is everyone’s job.

So What: We have been tracking this trend for years, clearly more needs to be done to deliver confidence to decision-makers that AI initiatives can deliver in non-biased ways.

What’s Next: Expect continued development of both policy and technology to ensure bias issues are mitigated.

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