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Google Meet Gets One Of Zoom’s Best Features: Live Transcription services will now be offered on Google Meet, allowing Google to offer one of the significant features Zoom boasted over the tech giant. will offer a plugin for Google meet in which participants will be able to get a live transcription of the meeting, saving users from having to either type or take meeting notes by hand. is able to accurately transcribe what people are saying in real-time, within a second or two, creating subtitles of sorts.

At the end of the meeting, participants can choose to be sent a full transcript of the meeting. This not only helps professionals but students who are currently doing virtual learning as well. It may also be beneficial to the hearing impaired, as the live subtitles allow for a more inclusive alternative to lip-reading. The function also allows users to search through the notes later for keywords. Although Zoom offered for free for a while, it is now $20 per user per month.

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