IBM is teaching AI to behave more like the human brain

“DeepMind is even working on a system that ‘remembers’ important information and applies that accrued knowledge to future queries. But IBM is taking that concept and going two steps further. In a pair of research papers presented at the 2017 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence held in Melbourne, Australia last week, IBM submitted two studies: one looking into how to grant AI an ‘attention span’, the other examining how to apply the biological process of neurogenesis — that is, the birth and death of neurons — to machine learning systems.

‘Neural network learning is typically engineered and it’s a lot of work to actually come up with a specific architecture that works best. It’s pretty much a trial and error approach,’ Irina Rish, an IBM research staff member, told Engadget. ‘It would be good if those networks could build themselves.'”

Source: IBM is teaching AI to behave more like the human brain

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