21 Dec 2021

Top 10 Mistakes When Setting-up an Artificial Intelligence Project

Whether you are just overwhelmed with data or just curious about what you will learn, you may be feeling the impulse to jump on the artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon. Before you go too far down the road, please consider this Top 10 list of the most common mistakes managers make when building an AI project. This comes from long, hard lessons learned across multiple missions and IT clients over the years.

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06 Dec 2021

Quality in, quality out: how to get a machine learning platform humming

Machine Learning is often presented as the cutting edge of what we can currently achieve with technology. A lot of innovation and progress is coming from the fields of data science and machine learning, but a lot of the language around the topic is filled with jargon and is aimed

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11 Mar 2021

Updating Defense Intelligence Agency’s Data Base

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) currently uses an old system called the Modernized Intelligence Database (MIDB) to store and retrieve information on foreign intelligence – everything from Country order-of-battles (tanks, airplanes, etc.), infrastructures (runways, ports, etc.) to general foreign military capabilities. They will replace it with a system called the Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System (MARS). As they do, will they leverage the great capabilities of American industry or seek to code things themselves?

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28 Jan 2021

Chief of Naval Operations Provides New Strategic Approach – Navigation Plan 2021

CNO NAVPLAN 2021 was released by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), ADM GILDAY, on 11 JAN. This Navigation Plan is basically the execution plan of the Advantages at Sea Tri-Service Maritime Strategy released last month.  The Navy examines their current challenges and lays out four focus priorities: readiness, capabilities, capacity and Sailors.  It begins by setting a grim tone: “our collective security – and our way of life – are under threat”.  It calls out China and Russia as “determined rivals” who’s flagrant disregard of international rules of conduct on the open seas indicate they will never become responsible partners.  This plan supports the Naval Service’s mission to  “deploy forward to defend America and our allies and protect freedom of the seas”.

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19 Jul 2019

Researchers Easily Trick Cylance’s AI-Based Antivirus Into Thinking Malware Is ‘Goodware’

Security researchers with Skylight Cyber have found a surprisingly easy way to let malware bypass Cylance’s AI-based anti-malware solution. The research shows that while artificial intelligence holds great potential for cybersecurity, AI-driven security offerings can be far from bulletproof.  In order to deceive Cylance’s algorithm, all the researchers had to

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