27 Jan 2021

HHS Makes Strategic Moves to Achieve Ultimate ‘Artificial Intelligence Ambition’

The Health and Human Services Department has released an artificial intelligence strategy that aims to guide the organization in upcoming efforts involving cutting edge technology. The 7-page plan outlines a strategic approach to push the agency into the next era of technology, broadening tech fluency and accelerating AI-centered pursuits. The

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29 Oct 2020

Emerging Public Health Sector Ransomware Attacks

The Joint DHS, FBI, HHS advisory on the malicious targeting of the US public health sector by criminals using ransomware should cause immediate tactical action by cyber defenders in the medical and healthcare community. It also signals the need for strategic actions by executives in these and other sectors.  It could also change the dynamic around how governments view these attacks with impactful targeting being designated as terrorist activity.

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21 May 2020

HHS Proposes ‘IT Control Tower’ to Manage Strategic National Stockpile

The Health and Human Services Department issued a request for information seeking answers on how to create an overarching IT infrastructure that will coordinate, manage, and analyze supplied across sectors. The solicitation also highlights the agency’s plan to redesign the strategy driving the Strategic National Stockpile, aiming to ensure that

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