25 Jan 2021

Intel Confirms Unauthorized Access of Earnings-Related Data

Intel announced on Friday that the company’s stock dropped by as much as 9% on Friday due to reports that the chipmaker was forced to release Q4 2020 earnings early due to a cyberattack. According to the company, a third-party user accessed information related to earnings from the company. The

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18 Dec 2020

Microsoft says it found malicious software in its systems

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it had also been targeted by the SolarWinds espionage campaign after uncovering malware within its systems. The tech giant uses the networking management software Orion found to be the source of the attack impacting a half dozen federal agencies so far. Microsoft’s own products may have

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17 Dec 2020

FireEye Identifies Killswitch for SolarWinds Malware as Victims Scramble to Respond

FireEye, the company that exposed the SolarWinds intrusion, has now announced that it has identified a killswitch that would halt the malware’s operation on infected networks. The White House National Security Council has already created a unified group to coordinate responses across victims and collaborate on solutions. However, the killswitch

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