14 Nov 2018

Pentagon Researchers Test ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 7-day exercise that took place earlier this month saw over 100 cyber specialists gathering on Plumb Island, a federal research facility off of New York’s Long Island, to respond to a fictional cyber attack against the power grid. DARPA researchers were able to segregate

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19 Oct 2018

3 Years After Attacks on Ukraine Power Grid, BlackEnergy Successor Poses Growing Threat

Researchers are calling “GreyEnergy,” an offshoot of the BlackEnergy group that conducted a massive cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015, an emerging threat to the Central and Eastern European power grid. Security firm ESET has released a report describing the group’s activities as focused on reconnaissance and espionage

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17 Sep 2018

DHS warns energy sector of hackers targeting third-party suppliers

“Malicious hackers are using vulnerabilities in third party suppliers to gain access to government entities and critical infrastructure, according to a recent alert by the Department of Homeland Security’s United State’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team. ‘Since at least May 2017, threat actors have targeted government entities and the energy, water,

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20 Aug 2018

Swiss startup “storing” renewable energy in concrete towers

Borrowing from pumped hydro energy storage principles, a Swiss startup is building energy storage systems using concrete blocks and cranes instead of water and dams. The low cost innovation uses allows the storage of excess energy by using it to power cranes to lift massive concrete blocks. When the energy

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16 Aug 2018

Hacked Appliances Could Shut Down the Power Grid, Researchers Say

Researchers from Princeton University simulated an attack on a power network serving a population the size of California. The simulation found that a 1% surge in demand created by hacked smart appliances like air conditioners and water heaters could cause disruption to the network. This kind of attack is structured

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08 Aug 2018

Why small cyberattacks on power systems more likely than a long-running blackout

“Attacks on American power systems are likely to be small and localized, according to a cybersecurity firm, casting doubt on the ability of a foreign power to take down broad swaths of U.S. electric systems at once. Given current technology it is not reasonable to expect an enemy to shut

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07 Aug 2018

China Southern Power Grid buys share of European utility

“State-owned China Southern Power Grid has acquired a 25.48% stake in the Luxembourg utility company Encevo S.A., following its acquisition of a 27.8% stake in Chile’s largest transmission enterprise in March, The Paper reported. Encevo currently operates more than 10,150 km of transmission lines and more than 3,700 km of

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