16 Apr 2021

42 migrants dead after boat from Yemen capsizes off Djibouti coast

A boat travelling to Djibouti from Yemen capsized early Monday morning. At least 42 migrants have died according to the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration. At least 16 children were among the dead. The 60 migrants were being transported by people smugglers. This was the second tragedy of this

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19 Sep 2018

Djibouti emerges as arms trafficking hub for Horn of Africa

“The rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea has repercussions that go beyond diplomacy on the Horn of Africa. A recent investigation shows that while Eritrea is no longer isolated, Djibouti is emerging as the new regional arms trafficking hub. The small strategically located state acts as a transit location for weapons trafficking

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03 Aug 2018

Court ruling could block China from key US military port in Africa

A court ruling could prevent Chinese access from a Djibouti port that provides access to Camp Lemonnier, home to most of the 6,500 U.S. troops in Africa. The Djiboutian govern seized the port in February from its commercial owner, and the country would likely have opened access to China, to

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