14 Jul 2022

Deal in sight to end Ukrainian grain blockade – Turkey

According to Turkey, talks hoping to resume Ukrainian grain exports blocked by Russia in the Black Sea have reached a deal. This deal raises hope for an end in the blockade and standoff on the exports that left millions at a risk of starvation. Both sides have agreed on ways

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18 Jan 2022

NATO, Ukraine Sign Deal to ‘Deepen’ Cyber Cooperation

NATO signed a deal on Monday to strengthen its cyber support for Ukraine after a hacking attack against Kyiv. These attacks have prompted fears that Russia could be plotting an invasion. Ukraine said Sunday that it had evidence Moscow was behind last week’s attack on government websites, however the Kremlin

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05 Mar 2020

U.S.-Taliban Deal Comes Under Pressure Amid Military Action

After a resurgence of violence and diplomatic tension between Washington and Kabul, the Trump administration is facing problems trying to uphold a landmark agreement with the Taliban. President Ashraf Ghani, on Wednesday, declined to meet with Trump’s special envoy that arrived in Kabul in an attempt to salvage an agreement.

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