11 Feb 2019

Here’s how Russia could still sabotage Macedonia’s plans to join NATO

Nearly thirty years after the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, many countries caught up in Russia’s regional influence are still struggling to “pick a side.” In North Macedonia (until recently, just “Macedonia”), politicians have been working towards NATO membership for many years, an effort

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28 Jan 2019

New Research: How the CIA found Soviet missiles in Cuba

While the U-2 spy plane is largely credited for identifying the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba in the early 1960s, setting off a Cold War escalation with nearly-apololyptic results, new research has pieced together how CIA-trained Cubans ran a highly-successful intelligence network that drove the discovery of the missiles.

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09 Nov 2018

U.S. Flights and Russian intercepts mark a return to Cold War behavior in Europe’s skies

U.S.-Russian aviation encounters are supposed to be governed by a the 1972 Agreement for the Prevention of Incidents On and Over the High Seas, an agreement meant to reduce possibility for accidental military escalation between the two countries. This agreement was supplemented by 1989’s Agreement on the Prevention of Dangerous

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06 Nov 2018

Russia and Cuba vow to expand ‘strategic’ ties that lapsed after Cold War

“The leaders of Russia and Cuba vowed Friday to expand what they called their ‘strategic’ ties and urged the United States to lift its blockade of Cuba. In a joint statement issued after their talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced U.S. ‘interference into domestic affairs

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07 Sep 2018

Opinion: China is losing the new Cold War

An opinion on the Nikkei Asian Review is arguing that China is falling victim to some of the errors made by the Soviet Union prior to its collapse. While China has extensively studied the collapse of the USSR and worked to learn from the bloc’s mistakes, it has risked making

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31 Jul 2018

Report: Revive Cold War Contacts to Stop Spread of Nuclear Weapons

A new report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies argues that the U.S. and Russia should restore their Cold War-era anti-proliferation cooperation and communication channels to reduce the ongoing threat of nuclear proliferation. The report uses freshly declassified documents to track how these channels supported anti-proliferation measures around the

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10 Dec 2017

Trump: Accidental Nuclear Genius?

Love him or hate him, when it comes to North Korea, Trump just may be frustratingly suited for nuclear negotiations. Unpredictability, emotional outbursts, irrationality, and other descriptors that have been applied to the sitting president are likely qualities a president should not have in general. According to Cold War-era nuclear

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29 Jun 2012

Cold War II? Russia and the US in Syria

The civil war in Syria is creating a Russia-US divide that could push the countries into a second Cold War. The US faces many threats abroad but none have yet surpassed the threat of her former nemesis, Russia, the core of the former-Soviet giant. Today’s Russia is in many ways

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