Improving Active Shooter/ Hostile Event Response

Active shooter/hostile events (ASHEs) have been increasing in frequency and severity since 2000 (Blair & Schweit, 2014). Unlike many other types of incidents, an ASHE will almost always result in the deployment of all first responder disciplines. In this environment, with multiple disciplines responding, a fully integrated incident response system is required with all first responder components working in concert. Historically, law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel have viewed their first responder roles as independent of each other. As a result, the first responder community may not be prepared to function as one team to rapidly neutralize threats and save lives. To further the goal of helping agencies better prepare a fully integrated, seamless ASHE response, an Active Shooter Summit was convened by the InterAgency Board (IAB) in Charlotte, NC, March 17–19, 2015, to share lessons learned and identify best practices for an integrated ASHE response. Participants included law enforcement, fire, and EMS responders from municipalities in the United States and United Kingdom, several state and federal agencies, and Texas State University.

IAB Active Shooter Report

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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