Terrorism Analysis & Research Report for 2005

The Terrorism Research Center, Inc. publishes forward-leaning intelligence on transpiring global security issues. The reports are presented via an online, inter-relational knowledge base of global political violence, non-conventional warfare, and terrorism-related group profiles, intelligence reports, attack analyses, country profiles, among other proprietary reports. The readership is a base of corporate, government, military, and academic decision-makers who have access to WWW.TERRORISM.COM.

The following anthology of 2005 global projections was distributed to clients throughout the year via our Weekly Analysis and Research (WAR) Report. The WAR Report is designed to highlight and analyze global terrorism and international security issues augmented by proprietary perspectives and intelligence forecasts.

This book is divided into two sections. The first section features our annual projections for 2005 that were provided to our clients in late 2004. Predictive in nature, these reports forecasted trends and events for 2005. The second section contains our analyses of ongoing global events that were provided to our clients on a weekly basis. The essays have been organized alphabetically by country to facilitate use of this document as a desk reference. Within each country, essays are listed by level of priority, which was set by the analyst at the time the event occurred. An open source news excerpt that inspired the piece prefaces each essay.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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