UN Terrorism Committee to assist Bangladesh for Repatriation of Siphoned off Mon

The UN Counter Terrorism Committee has assured Bangladesh to provide technical assistance to help repatriate money siphoned off abroad by corrupt politicians.

The assurance was made while a delegation of the Committee, now visiting Dhaka, met with Governor of Bangladesh Bank Dr Salehuddin Ahmed in his office on Monday.

Emerging from the meeting, Sergey Karev, Assessment and Technical Assistance Director of the Committee told reporters that the UN role in this regard is to assist technically.

The Bangladesh Bank Governor said that the UN Committee expressed the willingness to provide

Bangladesh relevant software, hardware and training to address the problem of money laundering.

The 11-member UN Counter Terrorism Committee, led by Sergey, arrived in Dhaka on Saturday on a weeklong visit to Bangladesh to exchange ideas on counter terrorism and anti-money laundering.

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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