Telephone Notification System Being Deployed to Notify Millions

In California and surrounding states, a new technology is being deployed to notify millions of people in the event of an emergency. Surfsimple Technologies’ Telephone Notification System is being implemented nationwide to alert individuals of a disaster. The three year old Silicon Valley company creates the hardware and software which allows any message typed in English to automatically call hundreds of thousands of people and speak the message to them. If the recipient speaks a foreign language then the message will automatically be converted to the appropriate language and spoken to the individual in their tongue. The current systems are being used to notify mass communities in the event of a fire, toxic spills and gas leaks. Since it can contact an entire city the size of San Francisco in only an hour, individuals can take the necessary precautions before it becomes too late.

Users can test the system at:

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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