Blogs play a role in homeland security

Weblogs, the Internet technology that allows anyone with a browser to publish a personalized online journal, are increasingly being used to support the intelligence-sharing requirements of homeland security efforts.

Providence, R.I.-based Traction Software Inc. today will announce that the Western States Information Network (WSIN) has deployed Traction’s TeamPage enterprise weblog software to support law-enforcement task forces that are working on terrorism and drug investigations. Karen Aumond, assistant director of the WSIN, said a new project called the Advanced Terrorism Information Exchange, which is being expanded to local water departments, fire departments and other critical-infrastructure organizations, will be one of the first initiatives to benefit directly from enterprise weblogs. “What typically happens is that there is a flurry of e-mails, and everybody is copied on the e-mail,” Aumond said. “And they are automatically purged after 60 days if you don’t archive them. By doing this [posting e-mails to a weblog], we can forward these e-mails to a central place, and then we can access them from the road. And what’s even better, we can search them.” Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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