Internet Security Systems claims honeypot hack

Internet Security Systems (ISS) are today claiming the compromise of one of their servers by malicious hackers over the weekend was set-up by the company as a part of a research project.

The company’s founder and chief technology officer, Christopher Klaus, told ZDNet Australia by phone from Atlanta that the hacking of the server was a part of their honeypot research. “Just to clarify, the X-force Internet watch server that was available… was not a production server,” he said. ZDNet Australia yesterday reported the hack, prompting the company to post a statement on the X-force Internet watch server. “As a normal course of their research, the ISS X-Force places servers on the Internet to monitor hacker activity, [the] propagation of Internet worms and to serve as targets for attack. These servers are known as honeypots,” it said. Full Story

OODA Analyst

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