Zimbabwean youths tell of their reign of terror

More than a year after contested elections, many finger young ‘green bombers’ for a campaign of violence against opposition supporters. They were given marijuana to dull their senses and alcohol to increase their rage. But after months of carrying out a campaign of terror against government-opposition supporters, even the haze of intoxication was not enough to hide the horror of their actions.

More than a year after Zimbabwe’s contested presidential elections, which many observers say was stolen by Mr. Mugabe, violence against opposition supporters continues. In the aftermath of a two-day opposition-led strike in March, while the world’s eyes were focused on Iraq, hundreds of Zimbabweans were beaten and hospitalized, arrested and tortured. Last week, a three-day strike led to the arrest of many opposition workers during raids on their offices. In recent months, attacks have been reportedly committed by the police and military. But much of the violence is blamed on the National Youth Service, nicknamed the “green bombers” after their uniforms and the destruction they leave in their paths. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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