Tougher penalties for cybercrimes

Legislators yesterday gave initial approval to the draft revision of the Criminal Code to fight growing cyberspace crimes by slapping jail terms and hefty fines on perpetrators of crimes on the Internet.

Lawmakers on the Judicial Committee of the Legislative Yuan passed the proposals jointly put forward by the Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and the Judicial Yuan which see the urgent need for enhanced protection of computers and the Internet. After final ratification of the new rules by the Legislature, people making unauthorized use of others’passwords or invading others’ computers will face jail terms of up to three years plus a fine of up to NT$100,000. Those causing losses to individuals or the public by making unauthorized retrieval, deleting or changing electronic files in other people’s computers are subject to imprisonment for up to five years plus a fine of under NT$200,000. Computer hackers paralyzing others’ Internet systems or flooding others’ e-mail boxes with electronic mail are placed under this category and liable to such penalties. Full Story

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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