Egyptian Suspect in U.S. Truck Incident – Kuwait

An Egyptian electrician is the main suspect in an incident in which a truck slammed into a group of U.S. soldiers in Kuwait on Sunday, injuring 15, the Kuwaiti interior ministry said on Monday.

A ministry spokesman named the man as Lutfi Mohammad al-Barbari, 31, and said U.S. authorities planned to question the man to find out why he allegedly drove a vehicle into a group of soldiers waiting outside a military “PX” post exchange. The Kuwaiti spokesman said Barbari, who had been doing maintenance work at the camp, was being treated in hospital for bullet wounds after being shot by U.S. troops just after the incident. “The motive is unknown. Whether it was an accident or something else, the investigators will find out,” the spokesman said. In Cairo, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said initial investigations had shown the incident was a “road accident” and not an organized attack against the soldiers. A U.S. military statement on Sunday said soldiers nearby opened fire on the truck driver, shooting him in the upper chest and shoulder. Full Story

OODA Analyst

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